Why do you think it’s important for military personnel to do community service and community outreach? What are the benefits?

Aviation Mechanic 3rd Class
Roshawn Thomas
Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam

It’s important for us to do community service so the community understands that we do our job so they can enjoy the many freedoms our country has to offer. It’s not always about what’s happening overseas. We also care about what happens on the home front. It gives us a better, more well rounded world to live in.


Ensign Fireman
Cleve Cooper
USS Green Bay

The military should do more for the community. Due to the fact with the way the world is right now, we should all pull together and be one family. Without family there’s no life and no one should be left behind. It takes just one love to change the earth.


Boatswain’s Mate 2nd Class
Jason R. Wommack
USS Boxer

I think it’s important for military personnel to do community service and community outreach because it’s important that all people give back to their communities to better them.


Boatswain’s Mate 2 nd Class
Wendell Davon Harrison
USS Boxer

To show that we are here to build camaraderie and to show that we are more than war figures.


Information Systems Technician 2nd Class
Germario Tate Patton
USS Boxer

Allows us to interact with the people that we have sworn to protect. Community services helps ground military personnel to reality instead of constantly seeing the world as ranks and war strategies.


(Provided by DC Smith)

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