Who do you think is the most significant explorer or discoverer throughout history and why?

Marina Weems,
Gas Turbine Technical Electrician 3rd class

“Columbus. He discovered America … the land of prosperity.”


Veronica Sullivan,
Fire Controlman 3rd class

“Leif Erikson, because he was officially the first person to land in America.”


Senior Master Sgt. Greg Espinosa
17th Operational Weather Squadron

“Albert Einstein, for his theory of relativity and the mass-energy equivalence equation E=mc2.”


Lt. Alapaki Gomes

“There was a period when the Polynesians were transiting to and from Tahiti and Hawaii on a fairly regular basis, but that hasn’t been done for sev- eral hundred years and (the) Polynesian Voyaging Society began the revitaliza- tion, really the rediscovering of navigation by traditional means in the mid-seventies.”


Cierah Bowser
Air Force family member

“Christopher Columbus, for his discoveries.”


Kishmar Davis
Air Force family member

“Bill Gates, for his developments in computer technology.”


(Provided by David D. Underwood Jr. and Jazzmin Williams)

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