What is your favorite non-human Star Wars character and why?

Senior Airman
Jason Ligon

692nd Intelligence,
Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group

“The monkey creature in Jabba’s palace that laughs maniacally, because it’s funny.”

Newton Hau

“R2D2, the unsung hero who significantly contributes to the cause but rarely gets any credit. Most underrated hero in movie history. (He) carried the Death Star plans for the rebels and gets Leia’s message to Luke, starting the Episode IV saga.”

Master Sgt. April Stanford
17th Operational
Weather Squadron

“Chewbacca, I like him because he’s a big, hairy, strong Wookiee who is a skilled mechanic and loyal to Han Solo.”

Kenny Richter
I & EW Onsite Rep,
NUWC Keyport, Det. Pacific

“Chewbacca because he is a great comic relief and ferocious at the same time. He’s the best of both worlds!”

Technician 3rd Class
Christian Gonzalez

“Darth Maul because he just looks awesome! In my opinion he is the most impressive character with not that much screen time.”

David Mason
Production Supervisor,

“Jabba the Hutt because his name is awesome!”

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