What is the most thrilling dive you’ve ever been on?

Photos courtesy of Navy Diver 2nd Class Stephen Collister

“I enjoy being able to give back to the community like providing local dive boats with new mooring points, or fixing local waterborne structures after a major storm has affected a certain area.” — Navy Diver 3rd Class Hersson Franco

“One of my favorite jobs from deployment was when we worked with archeologists and dredged the seabed for national historical artifacts.” — Navy Diver 1st Class Gregory Ellsworth

“My favorite thing about diving is exploring a part of the world few people get to see.”
— Navy Diver 1st Class Ryan Guenther

“The best things about diving are the unique jobs I’ve done like propeller changes and torpedo tube inspections.”
— Navy Diver 1st Class Jason Friars

“I always enjoy working on a salvage survey. Once you’ve checked out all of the components of the wreck you are able to work with, you can be as creative as you want and need to be in order to refloat it.”
— Navy Diver 3rd Class Alec Stuller

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