What is the best military band concert that you have ever attended?

Senior Airman Megan Coleman
Imagery analyst, 8th Intelligence Squadron

“Tops in Blue, all performers are really talented and put on a good show.”


Leslie Kellum
Video teleconference operator

“All the performances I’ve seen throughout my career have been outstanding. All the military band members are top-notch performers.”


Chief Musician Dereck Werner
U.S. Pacific Fleet Band

“The one we did last year in Ambon in the middle of Indonesia. Ambon, Indonesia is like our Nashville, Tenn. in the United States. They’ve never gotten a Navy band before. We got out there and played about two hours of rock music. We got national television coverage, thousands of fans. It’s just one of those nights you never see coming. It turned out to be amazing.”


Musician 3rd Class Colleen Cave
U.S. Pacific Fleet Band

“My favorite one that I participated on was in Ambon, Indonesia. It was last summer. I was on deployment on the USNS Mercy. It was amazing because the crowd was so into it. I never had a crowd that was into it before. There were 10,000 people in attendance, and I think it was the biggest crowd I ever played for. It was the energy and the fact that our music was able to say something to them and we didn’t speak the same language. That was the neatest part. We were all there, all gathered doing the same thing, even though we were two different cultures.”


(Provided by MC2 (SW) Mark Logico and David D. Underwood Jr.)
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