What does being an American mean to you?

Master Sgt. Frank Hartzell
647th Contracting Squadron

“Fortunately my job allows me to travel to many countries. I’ve seen how hard life is elsewhere. Being American to me means having opportunity…opportunity to become educated, to have access to healthcare,to give my children a good future…to live the “American Dream.”


A1C Barry Riester
747th Communications Squadron

“Being an American means being a citizen of the greatest nation in the world,and enjoying the freedoms men and women who have served before me have fought to protect.”


Staff Sgt. Tamia Griffie
15th Medical Operations Squadron

“Being an American means I am free to make my own decisions and follow all of my dreams.”


Olivia Hughes, 12

“Before school ended, we were learning about the Middle East and countries like that. They have so many problems and they have so little freedom. It made me sort of think how lucky I was for all those men who died and gave their lives to keep us safe. I really respect them.”


Boatswain’s Mate 3rd Class
Trace Barnett
USS O’Kane (DDG 77)

“I’m proud of being an American because we fought for our independence.”


Cryptologic Technician (Collection)
1st Class (SW) Amy Cozort
USS O’Kane (DDG 77)

“Endless opportunities. The chance to raise my son the way I’d like to raise my son and believe what we want to believe. Boundless opportunities to be whatever we want to be and who we want to be.”


Culinary Specialist 1st Class (SW)
Lorena Cox
USS O’Kane (DDG 77)

“When the fireworks came out, there was joy, pride in being an American.”


(Provided by David D. Underwood Jr. and MC2 (SW) Mark Logico)

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