What do you wish you had known before you came to Hawaii?

Staff Sgt.
Brandon Ortiz
735th Air Mobility Squadron

“I wish I would have known how bad the traffic is.”

Airman 1st Class
Jasmine Blunt
56th Air and Space Communications Squadron

“I wish I would have known how expensive household goods are off base and bad traffic.”

Senior Airman
Jay O’Neill
324th Intelligence Squadron

“I wish someone told me to take full advantage of TMO (Transportation Management Office).”

Yeoman 3rd Class
Alex Wiggin

“I wish I had known how expensive the cost of living was here.”

Logistics Specialist
1st Class
Rena Wright

“I would have started the daycare waitlist process before arriving instead of after arriving.”

Lt. Cmdr. Clayton Beas

“How long the process to bring pets over was. We started early but I would have started even earlier if I had known how long it would take.”

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