Welcome Nimitz Strike Group: Aloha!

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Hawaii is the land of aloha, which means hello, goodbye and love. You will hear it a lot while you are here. Another well-known Hawaiian phrase is E komo mai, which means welcome, or come in. Hawaii is the welcoming land of aloha, but it is also wise to keep safety in mind while enjoying your stay in the islands. Here are some tips:

Hiking safety tips:

• Always use sunscreen outdoors to avoid sunburn.

• Be prepared — take extra food, water.

• Bring a friend to hike with you, rather than hiking alone.

• Do not get lost: bring a map.

• Return before nightfall.

• Know before you go.

• Check websites or a hikers’ guidebook.

• Check the weather forecast.

• Know your ability.

• Get educated about leptospirosis.

Ocean safety tips:

• Swim in areas with lifeguards.

• Ask a lifeguard about beach and surf conditions before swimming.

• Never swim alone.

• Don’t dive into unknown water or into shallow breaking water.

• Don’t attempt to dive over large waves.

•If unable to swim out of a strong current, or you are having difficulty returning to the beach, signal for help.

• Avoid swimming too close to or standing on reefs.

• Avoid murky water.

• Know your skill level.

• Obey the posted warning signs: don’t ignore them.

• When kayaking, always have a life vest.

• Avoid alcohol consumption when engaging in potentially dangerous outdoor activities.

• When in doubt, don’t go out!

• Keep a wide distance between yourself and endangered Hawaii wildlife such as monk seals and green sea turtles.

Road/pedestrian safety tips:

• Stay alert when walking in public areas so you will not become a victim of crime, especially at night.

• Do not text or look at your cellphone when crossing the street.

• Put your cellphone away while driving.

•Be aware of blind spots when using the crosswalk.

•Drivers should slow down: you can’t predict what pedestrians might do.

• Yield the right of way to pedestrians. Be patient with elderly or disabled pedestrians.

• Never wave pedestrians across the street.

• In residential areas and school zones, watch for children.

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