Total Body Conditioning sets foundation for fitness

Two women practice running with resistance, while other class members train with kettle bells and on pushups during a Total Body Conditioning session at Ward Field.

Story and photo by Randy Dela Cruz

Sports Editor, Ho‘okele

To set up the coming year as a time of overall wellness, Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) has a vast collection of healthy classes and activities to help you get started and on a new and improved you.

From spinning to TRX and everything in between, each class can be tailored to the needs and level of fitness so everyone can enhance their physical performance.

Classes can be mixed and matched, but if you’re really serious about getting a full-body makeover, then the Total Body Conditioning (TBC) class might just be the program you’re looking for.

Held every Tuesday from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam Fitness Center, TBC is run in an obstacle-course-like format with participants rotating through different stations until all exercises are completed.

While the course is very challenging, MWR fitness specialist Tina Iha, who conducts the class, said that because all exercises can be modified to fit any fitness level, anyone can do it.

“Today, we had 12 stations that we completed three times,” Iha said. “I start out with one minute intervals, then after warm-up, I go to 45 seconds, then to 30 seconds and now the body is ready to go.”

Iha, who likes to change things up with each and every class, will target upper body, lower body and everywhere in between to make sure that each class member can strengthen and stabilize their entire body.

In order to maximize each workout, Iha uses multiple training equipments to keep each station challenging and fresh.

Looking over the layout at a recent class, Iha set up different stations with items such as kettle bells, medicine balls, battle ropes, resistance bands, sand bags, TRX and a heavy tractor tire that was used for flipping.

Stations may appear to be randomly set, but Iha said that the layout follows a specific guideline that rotates different parts of the body.

“I place stations that rotate between upper body and lower body,” Iha said. “Any time you go up and down, you burn calories faster.”

Following these guidelines allows most people to burn up to 500 calories per each one-hour session with men sometimes incinerating up to 700 calories, Iha said.

Not only do you get a great calorie burn, TBC is great for developing functional strength, which not only helps Sailors and Airmen perform at the optimum level on their jobs, but also helps make everyday things like picking up groceries much easier.

“We have the ball catch, so that’s for your reach,” she said. “We have pull and push. Every week, I focus on something different.”

In addition, the free-movement exercises used in TBC are a way to develop and strengthen your core.

“The core is your foundation,” Iha said. “If your foundation is weak, then nothing can function.”

Iha said that augmenting TBC with additional classes offered by MWR at both JBPHH and Hickam Fitness Centers is a great way to stay fit through the holidays and beyond.

She cautioned, however, that if you are out of shape, always take things slowly at first, try working out only once a week, and progress from there, adding a day or two as you improve.

“We have great programs here at Joint Base and Hickam Fitness Centers,” she said. “Our managers make sure that we, as fitness specialists, are on our game. All of our certifications, CPR certifications have to be up, so there is always knowledge coming in so that we can put it out there.”

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