Tips help Sailors during moves

Movers deliver household goods to a home on Ford Island as Navy family members sit on the lawn outside.File photo

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Office of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs

Naval Supply Systems Command Global Logistics Support (NAVSUP GLS) Household Goods (HHG) provided information and moving tips directed toward Sailors and their families who will be executing a HHG move during the current peak season May 17.

HHG peak season runs from the beginning of May through August.

Start the process early and be flexible, because the high volume of moves during peak season drives a 4-6 week lead time for scheduling moves. Moving company capacity challenges are already evident in Hawaii and the East Coast.

Start the process early by going to under household goods for information. Be sure to indicate alternate dates for pack out and pickup when completing the application.

Once the service member initiates the move online, the shipment contract has been awarded, and the transportation service provider (TSP) assigned, the TSP will contact the service member to schedule and perform the pre-move survey. Be aware the TSP will conduct a pre-move survey no later than three business days prior to the first scheduled pack date.

The pre-move survey allows the TSP to establish a more realistic weight estimate, determine how many crew to assign, determine what packing materials are needed and whether any special equipment is needed.

All dates for packing, pickup and delivery are finalized between the service member and the assigned TSP. Of note, there should be only one moving company at the residence at any given time. Cases that involve multiple carriers, such as a HHG shipment combined with non-temporary storage items and/ or unaccompanied baggage, the service member must space out the timing of the moves during the pre-move process.

For more information on NAVSUP Global Logistics Support, visit or

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