Sunday is Father’s Day. How do you plan to honor a dad (father, husband, etc.) in your life on this special day?

Gas Turbine System Technician (Mechanical) Seaman
Jesse Chinchillas

“I’ll be here in Hawaii about to go underway. I miss my dad, but you got to do what you got to do.”


Cryptologic Technician (Collection) Seaman
Jason Goff

“I’ll probably give my dad a call. I’ll talk to him on the phone. He’s all the way back in Tennessee. It’s kind of hard to see him. ”


Gas Turbine System Technician (Mechanical) 2nd Class (SW)
Sambath Ham

“I’m going to Skype with my family. My son graduated today from kindergarten. I called him and told him that I’m proud of him. He is my little man.”


Master-at-Arms 1st Class (SW/AW)
Joshua Stark

“For Father’s Day we’ve got a meal planned on the ship for all the fathers. We are going to have a little luncheon for them. My father is in San Diego. My plan is really just to call him and greet him a Happy Father’s day. My kids are going to call me. They are also in San Diego.”


(Provided by MC2 Mark Logico)

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