Special Letters for JBPHH water system consumers (Hickam side) and NCTAMS PAC Water System

During the 2010 compliance period (January 2010 – December 2010), two incidents occurred requiring special letters be provided to water consumers of the (1) JBPHH Water System – Hickam side (from old Air Force Hickam Water System) and (2) NCTAMS Water System along with the appropriate water quality report. For housing residents at both locations, that letter is also available with the water quality report at your housing management office.

In both cases, an oversight in a specific contaminant’s testing occurred and the Hawaii State Department of Health requires water consumer notification. However, for both incidents, the Navy has verified that your drinking water is safe and there is nothing for you to worry about or do at this time. Questions concerning these letters can be directed to Denise Emsley, NAVFAC Hawaii public affairs officer, at 471-7300.

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Category: News