Some JBPHH areas are now off limits due to crime incidents

Staff Sgt. Carolyn Viss Herrick

Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam Public Affairs

Effective immediately, some areas on JBPHH are now off limits during hours of darkness, per the joint base commander, due to recent crime incidents.

Although the installation is largely crime-free, incidents involving juveniles and young adults – including vandalism, vehicles being entered, graffiti, theft, and use of alcohol and drugs such as spice and marijuana – have triggered police investigations and an increase in security in the Ohana Nui Circle area.

“We’ve been working on this issue for several weeks,” said Tech. Sgt. Andre McBride, 647th Security Forces Squadron (SFS) NCOIC of investigations. “It’s been an ongoing investigation in our section, trying to track down individuals committing the crimes.”

According to Lt. Col. Michael Gimbrone, the 647th SFS commander and joint base security officer, from 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise, the following locations are off limits: Kamila Park and basketball court park located inside Ohana Nui Circle, the skate park and water park adjacent to the teen center, when not open for business, and Fort Kamehameha housing area. Anyone found in any of these areas during the hours of darkness will be detained by base police for appropriate follow-up action.

“Appropriate action will be taken against any identified violators of base regulations and Hawaii state laws,” Gimbrone said in a base-wide notification letter dated May 1. “In addition to criminal prosecution, depending on the nature of the violation the joint base commander may also take appropriate action in the form of barment from the base or eviction of families from housing,” he explained.

“We do have persons of interest we are looking at, and we will continue to look into all leads and conduct a thorough investigation of all the incidents that have occurred on JBPHH,” McBride said.

Parents and legal guardians are required to maintain control of their family members at all times. Many incidents can be eliminated by sponsors staying involved in the lives of their family members, knowing where they are at all times, what they are doing, and who they are doing it with, according to security forces.

“We are doing this as a joint base to hopefully curb the problems we’ve had recently,” said Col. Dann Carlson, 647th Air Base Group commander and JBPHH deputy commander. “There’s a huge demand and a huge desire to live on Hickam, and we need to help police each other.”

Worst case scenario, families who don’t comply with the rules and standards laid out by the housing office could be evicted from base housing, Carlson said.

“We have the privilege of living within a gated residence. The fact that this is taking place inside our gates gives us jurisdiction,” he added.

Eviction would be a last resort, but it is within the realm of possible consequences, he said.

“By working together, we can make a difference in reducing or even eliminating inappropriate behavior on our base,” Gimbrone said.

Anyone who observes a violation of regulations or laws should call the regional dispatch center at 474-2222, 471-1550 or 471-1551. In the event of an emergency, call 9-1-1 or 449-COPS (2677).

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