Soccer defensive battle ends in 0-0 deadlock

Port Royal striker Engineman 3rd Class Michael Lagerwey gets off a shot toward the goal in the first half.

Story and photo by Randy Dela Cruz

Sports Editor, Ho‘okele

In a tough defensive struggle, USS Port Royal (CG 73) and Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit (MDSU) 1 played to a 0-0 tie on Aug. 5 in a Summer Soccer League game that was played at Earhart Field, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.

The game was the first tie of the season for both teams, with Port Royal now holding a 1-4-1 record and MDSU coming in at 1-2-1.

According to Navy Diver 1st Class Carlos A. Marin, the game was made even more difficult due to the hot weather conditions at Earhart Field.

“Oh, it was terrible,” Marin said. “Luckily the trade winds kind of keeps the heat down, but at this time the heat was just terrible.”

No doubt that the heat made a huge difference in the play for both teams – especially when it came to attacking the goal on offense.

In the first half, MDSU mustered only five shots on goal, while Port Royal got three shots on goal – all from Engineman 3rd Class Michael Lagerwey.

Still, even with the limited amounts of shots on goal, both MDSU and Port Royal had their opportunities to break the stalemate.

Lagerwey got the first big moment to break the tie, when he took a pass near midfield and broke away from the pack for a perfect one-on-one against the goalkeeper.

Lagerwey waited until he was at the top of box, before booting a shot that was headed for the right side of the goal.

The shot got past the goal-keeper, but unfortunately veered slightly to the outside and bounced off the upright instead of finding its way to the net.

Lagerwey got a second chance to put it in the goal off the rebound, but his second shot got scooped up by the goalkeeper.

“It hit right off the post,” Lagerwey said about his near miss.

“It was close, but nothing to get mad about. It was fun.”

Later in the first half, MDSU had a golden opportunity to get on the scoreboard, but like Port Royal, the team couldn’t convert.

The play started with Marin, who got the ball and quickly shot a pass, intended for team-mate Navy Diver 3rd Class Mark Powell.

Powell got the pass in perfect position to shoot a head shot near the goal.

However, Powell’s shot went too high and sailed over the goal.

“It was a crossover and we recovered the ball,” Marin said. “I set it in place and put it in the box. It went right on his (Powell) head, but unfortunately, sailed right over the top.”

Both shots were the best scoring opportunities for MDSU and Port Royal, as the teams just couldn’t get things going in the second half.

“We’re just out here doing the best we can and having fun,” Lagerwey said. “We were on point today on defense, but we can’t really be happy because it’s a tie game.”

Lagerwey, who was the only player for Port Royal to get shots on goal in the first half, said that the team could only get better.

“We need to practice more,” he said. “We only practice two times per week. All of us are engineers, so we work pretty hard all day. We just have to make time to practice more.”

Meanwhile, Marin said that he also believes that his team has much room to improve, but as long as he and his teammates are having fun, that’s all that matters.

“That’s what it’s all about,” Marin said. “If you don’t have fun, don’t come out here. If you get too competitive, you lose the game. That’s when people get hurt and lose their patience.”

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