Shipyard ensures careers are on right path

0426_12David Tomiyama

Code 1160 Public Affairs, Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard

Striving to ensure its workforce understands career options and opportunities, the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard recently began a new program that emphasizes career development for the workforce.

The Career Pathways Talent Management Program highlights succession planning, mentoring and equality of opportunity options to guide the development of the shipyard workforce while staying consistent with established Department of the Navy-wide goals. The initial pilot group for the program is the 125 fourth year apprentices.

“This program gives each shipyarder a better understanding of their skill set and where they can apply it within the shipyard,” said Melissa Lamerson, code 100 process improvement lead organization learning facilitator.

Anybody within the shipyard can take advantage of the program by picking up the “Career Pathways Guide” and workbook to learn about the shipyard structure and career families. The books were developed as a resource for shipyarders to jump start their career planning, expand their organizational knowledge, and embrace shipyard principles and standards, Lamerson said.

The shipyarder takes a critical self-assessment of their preferences, experiences, values, needs, skills and other personal traits. Through these assessments and working with a code 900 counselor, shipyarders are provided with a framework in which they can strategize their career to meet short and long-term goals or expand their horizons by using their talents to benefit other codes.

“These self assessments match skill sets and knowledge to where they can best be utilized within the shipyard,” said Lamerson. “While it’s best if a counselor sits down with whoever wants to be a part of the program, anybody can pick up or download the books and perform their own self-assessment and match codes that support their interests and talents.”

In addition to facilitating the professional development of the shipyard workforce, the program fosters the employee-supervisor career planning/ improvement discussions or succession planning. This discussion fosters mentoring by supervisors to their work-force and ensures young leaders are prepared and qualified for future critical positions.

While the program is still in its infancy, word is spreading throughout the shipyard. The program is explained at the Personal Mastery Workshop for shipyard supervisors and managers, informing leaders how to best implement it. Word-of-mouth has driven shipyarders to code 900 to ask questions about it.

“The self-assessment workbook confirmed my interests and skills that I believed I had,” said David Wee, shop 64 fabric worker apprentice. “The talent management program has been able to further identify specific positions in the shipyard that align with my interests and goals.”

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