Sen. John McCain was well known for his character and integrity. What’s the most important character trait of a leader?

Submitted by David D. Underwood Jr., MC2 Charles Oki & Ensign Heather Hill

Sonar Technician -Submarine 2nd Class
Kien Ta
USS Hawaii

“Someone who shows respect to those who support and go against them. Accepting someone else’s opinion and respecting that is what showing your true colors is all about.”

Information Technology Specialist 1st Class
Joseph Weathersby

“Transparency, because in order for your subordinates or superiors to trust you, you must allow them to see you for all that you are.”

Herman Rios
Retired chief master sergeant

“Integrity and honor! (McCain) gave up so much of himself to his country. Respected!”

Major Lance Ford

“Compassion: A lot of times people just want to know that a leader cares about what’s going on in their life and their career.”

Frieda Chandler
MWR Fitness Program

“The character trait of a good leader is to place others before yourself and mentor them to rise to the top. A leader is confident, has perseverance and endurance in order to stabilize themselves.”

Capt. Rashida Brown

“Consistency: It’s important for a leader to be even keeled across the board in regards to how they interact with peers, subordinates and their own leaders.”

Sonar Technician -Submarine 1st Class
Gabriel Ramos
USS Hawaii

“Honesty and truthfulness are really important qualities, because losing trust of your people is a hard thing to earn back once it is lost.”

Staff Sgt. Angelo Corpuz

“Adaptability: With the ever-changing world every leader should be able to adapt to respond to every mission.”

Senior Airman Darius Taylor
647th Force Support Squadron

“The ability to be approachable no matter your position. If the people you lead are afraid to approach you or feel undervalued, your workplace will suffer drastically and you have failed your people.”

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