Scouts honor environment by planting native seedlings

Anne Barr & Photos by Matthew Barr

Boy Scout Troop 135

Boy Scout Troop 135 spent the day camping, hiking and planting, Sept. 16

The Hickam-based Troop 135 supported a conservation project in the Pahole Natural Area Reserve under the direction of Jenna Masters from the Division of Forestry and Wildlife.

Boy Scouts of America Troop 135 is charted by VFW Post 970, and its 52 youth members are from active duty families and veterans.

There were 23 scouts from the troop who spent the weekend camping at Peacock Flats on the northern end of the Waianae Mountain Range.

They hiked into the Pahole Natural Area Reserve and planted 150 native seedlings to help protect these rare specimens and promote erosion control.

The seedlings that the boys planted were grown from seeds collected from the reserve’s rare plants and nurtured by a botanical garden that specializes in raising Hawaiian plants until they are ready to be transplanted.

Being a military troop, many of the scouts will only have two or three years on the island. Conservation is a big part of the scouting skills these boys will learn, and they are participating in projects that keep the island of Oahu healthy and its native plants growing.

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