Protect the power

Tech. Sgt. Heather Redman

15th Wing Public Affairs

Energy is all around us. We rely on it to power our equipment, technology and facilities.

Without energy we would not be able to meet our mission to fly, fight and win—in air, space and cyberspace.

October is 2017 Energy Action Month.

Everyone, whether military, civilian or contractor, is a key player in achieving the goals to reduce our consumption of energy, water and other resources.

According to the U.S. Air Force’s Energy Flight Plan, a 30-year strategy for energy management, the Air Force recognizes energy as an integral part of its systems and not simply as a commodity.

“To continue sustaining and enhancing its capabilities, particularly in an era of increasing fiscal constraint, the Air Force must diligently manage its resources,” said Miranda A. Ballentine, assistant secretary of Air Force Installations, Environment and Energy.

One way to manage our energy consumption is to look at technological advances.

“Technology can benefit us in reducing our energy output,” said George Shaw, 15th Wing operational energy program manager. “For example, our headquarters building recently installed LED bulbs to replace the incandescent lights. The LED bulbs not only last longer but also cost less to operate.”

Shaw also recommends monitoring how devices affect each other.

“One of the biggest energy users in Hawaii is air conditioners,” Shaw said. “Turning off your lights and computers when not in use does not just save electrical energy at the fixture, but these lights also put out heat. By turning off the lights and your computers at the end of the day you can also reduce air conditioning load.”

According to Air Force Operational Energy office, technology and innovation are some of the Air Forces’ greatest sources of efficiency.

“Airmen making smarter energy choices and integrating energy efficient technologies and fuel optimization measures has a direct positive impact on combat capability,” said Melissa Tiedmeman, Secretary of Air Force Installations, Environment and Energy. “That is why the Air Force is challenging Airmen to increase their awareness of the energy and water they use, understand its impact on the mission, and continuously look for ways to better utilize these critical resources.”

For more checklists on how to improve energy consumption at work or at home please check out the Air Force Energy Program’s Airmen In Action page at

Tips for Airmen to protect the power

In the office:

• Turn off lights when not in use or when natural daylight is sufficient
• Modify the temperature in the office based on the season and business hours
• Make sure all vents are clear of paper, files and other office supplies
• Turn off your monitors at the end of the work day
• Turn off office equipment when it is not needed at night or on the weekends

In the dorm:

• Turn off lights when not in use or when natural daylight is sufficient
• Turn off power to computers, TVs and all electronic devices when not in use to avoid wasting standby power
• Plug multiple devices into a power strip with a surge protector
• Use water wisely
• Turn up or down the thermostat by two degrees

Vehicle usage:

• Don’t let your vehicle idle
• Carpool whenever possible
• Don’t drive aggressively, drive at the speed limit
• Reduce air conditioner use
• Combine errands when possible

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