Parkour camp held at Joint Base

Teens learn the basics of parkour at a camp held at JBPHH Oct. 10-14.

Teens learn the basics of parkour at a camp held at JBPHH Oct. 10-14.

Story and photos by Gaea Armour

Joint Base Pearl Harbor- Hickam Morale, Welfare and Recreation

Teens vaulted, climbed and jumped at a parkour camp held at the Hangar Skate Park, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam from Oct. 10 to 14.

Ryland Lanagan, an Army veteran from Oregon, led the camp. He taught the basics of Parkour to youth ages 12 through 17 years old. Parkour, from the French word “parcours” which means “the way through,” has been gaining in popularity worldwide.

“The goal is to quickly and efficiently navigate through any environment using only that environment, body, creativity and instinctive reflex,” Lana-gan said.

Parkour is not as simple as going through an obstacle course.


It involves a variety of techniques such as rolls, landings, takeoffs, vaults, precision jumps, bar moves and wall climbs. The camp commenced with basic techniques at the Hangar Skate Park and base playgrounds, then later concluded at a local parkour gym in town.

“I have to be creative,” Lanagan said. “I know that everyone is different, and will learn best if they get exposure to different ways of ‘hear it, see it, do it.’ I need to be able to break moves down into smaller, easier, simpler segments and then to progress from there. I meet them where they are at, and teach them to get to know themselves, their strengths and weaknesses.”

“My teaching strategy is to provide a safe environment for people to progress at their own speed. Provide them the opportunity to learn via repetition, experimentation, teach them to feel connected to their movement and to celebrate their success with them. Encouragement and positivity are a huge part of the Parkour community’s values.”

Lanagan hopes to stage another parkour camp sometime next year and teach more to military youth.

Another parkour camp will possibly be offered again by next school break as it gains more popularity. For future youth sports events and to stay informed, visit

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