October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. What do you do to protect your military ID?

Kimberly Vinoray
Comptroller Office N8

“I carry it with me at all times, even when I go to make copies.”

Operations Specialist 1st Class
Caleb J. Branum

“I keep it on myself at all times. I remove it from the computer and never leave it unattended.”

Information Systems
Technician 2nd Class
Joshua Barraza

“I keep it in my wallet.”

Staff Sgt. Claudia Trevino
8th Intelligence Squadron

“Maintain accountability of its location at all times.”

Senior Master Sgt. Dion Taylor
735th Air Mobility Squadron

“I carry it in my lanyard around my neck when it’s not in use.”

Chief Master Sgt. Reid Tsubota
154th Communications Squadron

“I keep it on my person at all times, using an RFID (radio-frequency identification) protector.”

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