Keep your keiki safe

Preventing falls out of windows is as important as learning how to use one in an emergency. Unattended children run the greatest risk of falls and injuries, so the best first step is to watch your children as they play. No prevention measure can substitute for careful adult supervision. Below are some tips from the National Safety Council: * Windows provide a secondary means of escape from a burning home. Determine your family’s emergency escape plan and practice it. Remember that children may have to rely on a window to escape in a fire. Help them learn to safely use a window under these circumstances. * Keep your windows closed and locked when children are around. When opening windows for ventilation, utilize windows a child cannot reach. * Set and enforce rules about keeping children’s play away from windows or patio doors. Falling through the glass can be fatal or cause serious injury. * Keep furniture – or anything children can climb – away from windows. Children may use such objects as a climbing aid.

For more tips on how to prevent falls from windows, log on to www.hickamcommunities. com and click on the safety net, located under current residents. (Information provided by Hickam Communities)

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