Iroquois Point power outages set for July, August

Hawaiian Electric

Hawaiian Electric crews and contractors will upgrade and replace the substation transformer that was damaged last month in the Iroquois Point area. The work requires three separate outages, with the first set for 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on July 17.

The Puuloa Rifle Range, Navy Exchange mini-mart and about 1,400 units in the Kapilina Beach Homes, formerly Iroquois Point naval homes, will be affected by Tuesday’s outage. The outage is needed so that crews can prepare for the installation of a new transformer in August in the Iroquois Point substation. The transformer was damaged by a rat, causing a lengthy outage in June.

The separate outages are needed to remove the overhead conductors to facilitate the removal of the failed transformer, then to reinstall the conductors after the replacement transformer is placed and finally to move service from the mobile substation that is currently providing power to the area. Each phase of the project requires different crews doing work underground and above ground as well as contractors and specialized equipment, including a crane. The complex nature of the project makes it difficult to complete repairs during one outage.

To make the repairs, two other outages are planned: • Thursday, Aug. 16, for four hours

• Thursday, Aug. 30, for about eight to 10 hours Hawaiian Electric provides service up to and including the transformer while the electrical infrastructure feeding the community is serviced by Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Hawaii.

Residents should note that once Hawaiian Electric’s repairs are completed, NAVFAC will then restore power to area homes. NAVFAC’s restoration procedure is done in phases to avoid overloading the distribution system, which means some residents may not get their electric service restored immediately after Hawaiian Electric’s work is done.

Emails have been sent to affected customers, and updates will be provided via Hawaiian Electric’s social media channels.

To prepare for the outage, customers can refer to Hawaiian Electric’s Handbook for Emergency preparedness for food safety tips:

Here are some basic tips for food handling: • Freeze ice packs and large blocks of ice (in rinsed milk cartons or similar containers) before the power goes out.

• Dry ice can help keep perishable items cold during a power outage, but be sure to read instructions on safely handling dry ice. Remember to remove dry ice from the freezer once the power is restored.

• Consider transferring food to a freezer that is still powered (such as a friend’s or family member’s freezer).”

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