Holiday safety tips

For your home:

• Supply of flashlights (and batteries)

• Supply of medications and food

• Smoke and carbon mon-oxide detectors

For your car:

• Check fluid levels, service belts and hoses

• Check tire pressure and tread

• Check brakes within the last 5,000 miles

• Test turn signals, brake and headlights, and four-way hazard lights

• Change cracked or worn windshield wiper blades

• Stock emergency kit (flashlights, water, energy bars, warning triangles, first aid kit, etc.)

While driving:

• Driving and texting make a lethal combination; don’t let your next text be your last

• Alcohol and driving … don’t do it

• Plan your outing … know the area and pack accordingly

• Slow down … enjoy the drive

• Get a good night’s sleep and take frequent rest stops

If stranded on the roadway:

• Stay calm; get your vehicle as far off the road as safely possible; turn on emergency flashers

• Call or text roadside assistance or 911; keep windows and doors locked until help arrives

• Make your vehicle visible; open the hood or tie a brightly colored object to the antenna

• Remain in the vehicle unless help is visible within 100 yards; don’t risk exposure

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