HIANG brings high level air defense expertise to Philippine engagement

Maj. Gen. James O. Eifert, Air National Guard assistant to the commander, Pacific Air Forces sits in the cockpit of a Philippine Air Force FA-50 fighter aircraft as a Philippine Air Force fighter pilot explains the various capabilites of the aircraft, Aug. 9, Clark Air Force Base, Philippines.

Story and photo by Senior Airman Orlando Corpuz

154th Wing Public Affairs

The Hawaii Air National Guard (HIANG) has had a long relationship with the Philippine Air Force (PAF). For the past six years the HIANG has been sharing air defense expertise with the PAF, as they undergo enhancements to their air defense capabilities.

A team of HIANG air defense experts traveled to various air bases in the Philippines to conduct subject matter expert exchanges with the PAF, Aug. 6-14.

This year, however, the team featured a general officer with more than 30 years of experience in air defense.

Maj. Gen. James O. Eifert, who currently serves as the Air National Guard Assistant to the Commander, Pacific Air Forces headlined a team of nine Airmen as they discussed various aspects of the air defense enterprise with PAF counterparts.

“During high level discussions with Philippine Air Force Air Defense Command leadership, I was able to communicate my air defense command and control experience in both Pacific Command and U.S. Northern Command,” Eifert said.

“I walked them through a few air defense scenarios from my experience in the Operation Noble Eagle mission which painted the picture of how they need to think about command and control in defending the Philippine homeland.”

The multifaceted nature of air defense required the team to have a wide range of expertise.

Various Air Force specialties were represented in the group: from tracking and identification, to communications, to air battle management.

“Air defense is a complex enterprise. It requires a very diverse range of skill sets to succeed,” Eifert said.

“This HIANG team brought literally over a hundred years of combined experience in the air defense business to this engagement to share their experiences and positively shape the PAF’s future.”

According to Eifert the PAF is on the right track as they proceed with their air defense upgrade efforts.

“They’re motivated, have great young people ready to seize the new capabilities available to them, and have new equipment arriving with great capabilities resident in it,” Eifert said.

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