Health clinic offers tips to help quit tobacco

Naval Health Clinic Hawaii Health Promotion

Naval Health Clinic Hawaii Health Promotion has provided the following tips to help quit tobacco use.

• Make the decision to quit. Others may want you to quit, but the real commitment must come from you.

• Seek medical advice. Your health care provider can offer advice and help you decide if tobacco cessation medication, group therapy or other treatments are right for you.

• Set a quit date. Make a commitment, choose a date to quit and circle that day on your calendar. Don’t give yourself time to change your mind with a date too far in the future.

• Know the dangers. Tobacco use can cause many forms of cancer, as well as heart and lung disease. Pregnant women who smoke are risking the life and health of their unborn child.

• Identify your triggers. Determine which feelings trigger your tobacco use, such as drinking coffee or dealing with stress. Plan in advance how you will handle these situations without turning to tobacco.

• Write out a quit plan. Include your strategies for dealing with cravings and slips, managing stress, controlling weight gain, and keeping yourself busy.

• Tell everyone. Tell your family and friends about your decision to become tobacco-free. Ask for their support, especially during times of temptation.

• Carry a list of motivators. Write down and carry your reasons for quitting with you. Refer to the list when you are tempted to use tobacco.

• Quit together. Increase your chances for success by quitting with someone. Whether it’s your husband, wife, partner or friend, if you quit together, you’ll understand the challenges better and be able to provide continual support to one another.

• Make tobacco use inconvenient. Increase the time you spend in tobacco-free environments. Leading up to your quit date, only smoke outside or in places you don’t normally smoke or use tobacco.

• Resist cravings. When a craving strikes, try to distract yourself. The four D’s can help: deep breaths, drink water, do something else, and delay for 10 minutes.

(For more information, call NHCH Health Promotion at 471-2280.)

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