Flooring replacement begins at USS Arizona Memorial

U.S. Navy file photo

U.S. Navy file photo

Final phase will complete three-year restoration project

Pacific Historic Parks

HONOLULU—Pacific Historic Parks announced Sept. 4 that the final phase of the USS Arizona Memorial restoration project is has begun.

The third and final phase of the restoration project will replace the terrazzo flooring on the memorial. Over the years, the memorial has weathered natural exposure from the elements, salt water spray, and foot traffic from more than 50 million visitors.

“The site is significant to so many people,” said Rhonda Loh, acting superintendent for World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument, National Park Service.

“By replacing the terrazzo floor, we are helping to ensure that the memorial will continue to be a place where individuals can come to honor those men who died aboard the USS Arizona,” she said.

“A visit to the USS Arizona Memorial is one of the most impactful experiences in Pearl Harbor,” said Gene Caliwag, president and CEO of Pacific Historic Parks, a nonprofit cooperating association of the National Park Service.

Pacific Historic Parks has led the effort to restore the USS Arizona Memorial, working with public and private entities to collect the approximately $468,000 needed to complete the phase three repairs.

“We are proud to work with the National Park Service at World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument and Hawk Contracting Group in our continued stewardship and effort to ensure that the memorial is protected and preserved for future generations,” Caliwag said.

“Pacific Historic Parks is especially grateful to the many friends and donors who have made it possible through their generous philanthropic support of all phases of the memorial’s restoration.”

Phase three, work on the terrazzo flooring with construction work carried out by Hawk Contracting Group, starts this month and will continue over a period of 50 working days. The terrazzo flooring covers approximately 4,650 square feet.

The USS Arizona Memorial will remain open during the period of construction. No work will be done while visitors are on the memorial. The flooring project will be done in sections, and visitors will be prevented from walking on the sections of flooring under active work.

During part of this time, visitors won’t be able to walk into the Shrine Room but will still be able to look into that room through the doorway.

Phase one of the restoration started in June 2012 and involved the replacement of skylights, railings and doors; repainting the interior and exterior; installing LED light fixtures; and repairing concrete irregularities.

Phase two, completed in November 2014, replaced the Shrine Room wall that lists the names of the 1,177 Marines and Sailors who lost their lives on Dec. 7, 1941. Work for phase one and two of the restoration also was carried out by Hawk Contracting Group.

For more information about the restoration of the USS Arizona Memorial, visit www.pacifichistoricparks.org.

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