Fitness guru offers advice on physical wellness

Retired Navy Lt. Donta Tanner gets ready for another workout session. Donta Tanner Courtesy photo

Retired Navy Lt. Donta Tanner gets ready for another workout session. Donta Tanner Courtesy photo

Randy Dela Cruz

Sports Editor, Ho‘okele

Since leaving the armed forces in 2012, retired Navy Lt. Donta Tanner has rewritten his life to become of the most respected fitness trainers in the islands.

Already a possessor of an International Federation Bodybuilding (IFBB) pro card, Tanner is quickly carving out a niche as a respected name in the world of fitness and is eagerly sought out to speak at bodybuilding clinics with some of the biggest names in the world.

With the start of the New Year, getting in shape is always one of the top resolutions that are reserved by people of all fitness levels.

Tanner, who through his years of helping individuals reach their physical goals, is back again in our pages here at Ho‘okele to offer sound advice for those wanting to start 2017 on the right foot.

“Fitness can be an overwhelming endeavor,” Tanner said. “Just say, it’s a new year and I’m going to change the direction that I’m going. Last year was probably not headed to a more fit you, so let’s go ahead and try to make more healthy choices.”

While many people start off with a gung-ho attitude, only to burn themselves out, Tanner said that the best way to ensure success is to take things slow and build up gradually.

Saying that doing a particular movement isn’t as important as just moving your body, Tanner advises that being consistent is way better than binge workouts.

“Just allot time for a fitness activity,” he said. “Don’t overwhelm yourself in what you’re going to do during that time. Start right when you get home, don’t even change from your work clothes and don’t impose any intensity standards. Start with 10 minutes. Start where you are and just walk down the block for five minutes and walk back. Hold yourself to that and do it for five days.”

An even better alternative to getting it done after work, he said, would be to do it the first thing in the morning before breakfast for more calorie burn.

Tanner said that through time, your body will start to crave the workouts due to elevated endorphins, which will cause you to want to continually raise the bar.

“Your body wants to adapt to whatever you do to it,” he said. “Lifestyle changes tend to take a little longer than a week. A first your body will feel a bit sore, but that soreness is going to start to feel good to you. You’re going to release some endorphins and to maintain that release, you’re going to have to challenge yourself a little bit more.”

Once you get into the groove with your exercise routine, Tanner said that diet would be the next element to get you to the next level.

Although some bodybuilders may take it to the extreme by measuring and counting every calorie that they consume, Tanner said that you could achieve some pretty fantastic results by using some basic common sense.

He said that our local diets tend to be fairly loaded with carbohydrates, but our meals can be easily adjusted.

“If you have two scoops of rice and a macaroni salad for lunch or dinner,” Tanner said for example. ‘I would substitute one of those scoops of rice for a piece of chicken and would substitute the macaroni salad for a greenleafy vegetable. If you did that, even for one meal, you are cutting so much excess calories out of your diet.”

After you’ve made those changes to your daily routine, Tanner said that if you want even more results, sign up with a trainer.

Tanner said that the trainers at Joint Base fitness centers are excellent and have earned the highest level of accreditation in the country.

“Don’t let your expectations prevent you from getting the gains that you would eventually get if you remained consistent,” Tanner said. “Fitness is not everybody’s specialty. Go and get yourself a professional coach.”

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