A campaign to highlight the diversity of participating nations.

Lt. Cmdr. Le Thanh Binh
HADR Headquarters

“This is my first time in RIMPAC and I have been playing the role as the battle watch captain in the humanitarian assistance and disaster relief headquarters. Coming to RIMPAC, we would like to also to share our experience, our expertise in terms of disaster response.”

Lt. j.g. Najihah Hisab
Pacific Warfighting Center

“What I’m expecting to take away from RIMPAC is a lot of enhancement in professional knowledge … also to make new friends from officers from different navies.”

Master Chief Petty Officer Yusmiyantu
KRI Makassar

“To join international RIMPAC task groups makes me proud of myself. I have an opportunity to see other navies around other Pacific countries and make friends with other sailors. I can share experiences with other sailors since we have the same life to live far away from home and my family.”

Cmdr. German Castro
Almirante Padilla

“This is my third participation in the RIMPAC exercise, in this opportunity I’m a member of the maritime component staff; meeting all these shipmates and colleagues will allow me to fulfill and meet my individual and national training objectives for Colombia as a country with borders in the Pacific Ocean.”

Lt. Cmdr. Ran Shtaygman
Maritime Operation Center

“It is the first time for Israel to join RIMPAC. I am in the maritime operation center in current operations. I want to bring to RIMPAC my operational experience in the maritime domain to the planning forces. I am taking from RIMPAC a lot of good friends and partners, and also the understanding of the importance of cooperation between navies all around the world.”

Lt. Cmdr. Marcela Vergara
Pacific Warfighting Center

“This is my second RIMPAC. I am lucky enough I was here for 2016 also. What I expect from RIMPAC is now being the lead for the CFMCC JAG. It is really an important thing for me.”

Leading Seaman Jake Blowers
HMAS Success

“What I hope to take away from RIMPAC is definitely some new experiences, some new friends and definitely some new capabilities for the way other countries do their missions.”

Leading Diver William Bowman
Fleet Diving Unit 2

“I’m enjoying working with the different nations. That’s something I didn’t really do in the counter-terrorism environment. We all bring something different and unique to the party. And it’s good to sort of share them ideas and bounce them off one another, so we’re all progressing.”

U.S. Navy photos by MC2 Kory Alsberry and MC1 Holly Herline

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