A campaign to highlight the diversity of participating nations.

Leading Seaman Matthew Prince
HMCS Ottawa (FFH 341)

“I am looking to meet a lot of really cool, nice people and some really good trade knowledge working alongside a lot of really good subs.”

Lt. Eun Hee Lee
Yulgok Yi I (DDG 992)

“I believe strongly (that) maritime power is the source (of) national growth. I want to experience the know-how and the cultures of different navies and also to apply the lessons to our (Republic of Korea) navy’s creativity.”

Leading Chef Zylen Thomas

“What I look to take away from RIMPAC (are) friendships that we make during this exercise, and on my ship to progress my career.”

Kapitanleutnant Jan-Nicolas Fuchs
Pacific Warfighting Center

“I want to bring as much expertise from the merchant navy (as I can). I want to bring this expertise into RIMPAC and support the commander’s mission, and my fellow team members.”

Military Expert 1 Sandyha Shukla
RSS Tenacious

“I’m looking forward to working with other navies to enhance my knowledge as a C2 operator definitely getting to know more people from other navies, forging friendships with them.”

Navy Petty Officer Gabriel
FS Prairial (F 731)

“I’m excited to meet other sailors from different countries and sharing experiences. Also get better training and speak English, reinforce my navigation skills and discover Hawaii.”

U.S. Navy photos by MC2 Kory Alsberry and MC2 Kelsey Hockenberger

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