Eassie Soares-Haae holds off Father Time

Eassie Soares-Haae stands in front of his first-place trophy from the 2018 Muscle Mayhem and puts his physique on display.

Story and photo by Randy Dela Cruz

Sports Editor, Ho‘okele

Take a look at Eassie Soares-Haae, a Department of Defense civilian at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, and you will have a hard time believing your eyes.

Since returning to the sport of bodybuilding at the age of 51 in 2009, after a 15-year layoff, Soares-Haae, has soared above the competition in natural bodybuilding and has gone on to win so many trophies that he admits he has lost count.

His latest crown came in Muscle Mayhem, an all-natural bodybuilding tournament that was held at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center back in April, where he took first place in the 50 Above Master’s Division.

“It’s still in me, that competitiveness,” Soares-Haae said. “I still want to compete. I haven’t lost it yet. I think when I lose it, I think it will be time to call it quits, but I still have that drive.”

Indeed, while Soares-Haae isn’t like the behemoths that typically pose at a bodybuilding show, now at age 59 (he’ll be 60 in December), the man is still a phenom with a body so ripped, he’d make most people a third of his age look out of shape.

Soares-Haae, who also goes by the name Ace, said he was a two-sport athlete back in his days at Waianae High School, where he graduated in 1976.

After moving on, Soares-Haae said that he was itching to find something that would still keep him active, and when a classmate introduced him to bodybuilding, he was hooked.

“When I was going college, one of my friends was going to the Power Pit,” he said. “When I went there, I was amazed when I saw pictures of bodybuilders. I only thought mainland people did bodybuilding, but then there was locals guys up there. I saw pictures of Ernie Santiago and Steven Villa. Villa was from Waianae too, so I think the seed was planted.”

From that point, the love affair with the sport continued until 1994, when Soares-Haae became blessed with his first child.

More kids came and as a father, Soares-Haae decided to spend his free time with his children and walked away from bodybuilding.

After his oldest child became 16 years old, Soares-Haae decided it was time to pick it up again and started his quest to get on the stage once again.

Although he admitted that he was out of shape, he stuck at it and then in 2012, Soares-Haae achieved what he calls his favorite title ever.

“NPC (National Physique Committee) is an all-natural, tested show,” he noted. “So, in the islands, that’s the only show had. When I won first place in the Master’s Division in the Paradise Cup that was the first time I came in first in an NPC show. I think that was back in 2012.”

In order to maintain his physique, Soares-Haae works out five times a week, splitting body parts on back-to-back days, and is constantly watching his diet.

His main advice for people wanting to get back in shape is for them to find something they love doing and be consistent with it.

While many people look at him with admiration and inspiration, Soares-Haae said that it’s good to be a positive role model, but he modestly points out that he is just doing something that he loves.

“A lot of people come up to me and say that I’m so inspiring,” he said. “They notice my age and that I’m still competing. I’m not trying to inspire anybody, but if I am, that’s great. I’m still trying to continue my goal.”

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