Dog trainer makes appearance at NEX

Machinist's Mate 1st Class Nicholas Luthman and his girlfriend, Paula, talk to Wendy Mah about training their dog, Shadow, at the NEX pet shop Feb. 15. Photo by Cheryl Nakashima

Denise Nakasato

Pearl Harbor NEX Customer Relations Supervisor

Wendy Mah, Hawaii animal behaviorist and certified pet dog trainer met with patrons at the Pearl Harbor Navy Exchange (NEX) pet shop Feb. 15.

Mah has been a dog trainer for more than 25 years in Hawaii. She became a trainer because she always had a love for animals.

Mah is originally from Hawaii. And has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in animal learning psychology.

She met Dr. Ian Dunbar (founder of Association of Dog Trainers) in San Francisco, and she now teaches people to enjoy their dogs. She provides positive dog training in four different locations: Moilili at the Hawaiian Humane Society, and in the Ward, Kapolei and Kaneohe neighborhoods.

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Category: News