Do you have any superstitions about Friday the 13th? What are they?

Air Force Lt. Col. Chris Dun
Commanding officer, Medical Support Squadron (MDSS),
15th Medical Group

“Wow! I’m not very superstitious. If I had any superstitions, they would stem from the movie Friday the 13th, hoping nothing like that would ever happen.”


Culinary Specialist 1st Class (SS)
Brian Domer Leading CS,
USS Chicago (SSN 721)

“Superstitions? Bad weather, Fridays and traffic. I lived in Washington, D.C and every Friday with bad weather was like a Friday the 13th.”


Chief Master Sgt.
Valerie Flowers Superintendent,
AFRC/Det 10

“Friday the 13th is just another day that God created for us to enjoy and give praise.”


Capt. Larin Wong
109th AOG, Hawaii ANG

“Friday the 13 is just another day unless it’s a pay day. Do we get paid this Friday?”


A1C Shawntay Martin
747th CS

“No superstitions, it’s only in your head.”


(Provided by MC1 Katherine Brooks and David D. Underwood Jr.)

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