Chaplain Corps launches #CharacterMatters campaign

Gloria Colon-Buzatu

Navy Chaplain Corps Public Affairs

On July 10, the Navy Chaplain Corps launched a social media campaign called #Char-acterMatters to engage service members in a conversation on the importance of character.

The interactive campaign, published via the Chaplain Corps’ social media accounts at Twitter (@NavyCHC) and Instagram (@NavyChaplains), will focus on character traits important in fostering healthy relationships and professional readiness.

As part of his vision for Navy leaders, the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), Adm. John Richardson, has challenged us to “actively strengthen our shipmates’ integrity,” so that the entire Navy team, as an institution, behaves in a way that is “consistent with the values that we profess.”

Rear Adm. Margaret Kibben, chief of chaplains of the Navy, recently explained how her social media campaign supports CNO’s vision.

“This campaign is just one of the ways we actively strengthen the values of our shipmates. And whether we are talking about moral, religious, or broader societal contributions to individual character, the bottom line is that ‘character matters,'” Kibben said.

The campaign, running from July 10 to the last week of September 2017, offers participants a weekly opportunity to share reactions to an image depicting a selected character trait, and to provide an answer to a crossword puzzle clue. The clue will be announced Monday and the answer revealed Wednesday of each week of the campaign.

To join in, follow the #CharacterMatters campaign at Twitter or Instagram.

For more information, visit the Navy Chief of Chaplains Facebook Page at

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