Celebrate safely, sensibly this holiday season

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The season between Thanksgiving and New Year’s can often be a time of great joy and celebration.

We give thanks, visit family and friends, and reflect on the past as we anticipate what the new year will bring. Whether you are traveling to other locations or staying in the local area, a major concern for our personnel and their families is motor vehicle accidents, which is the No. 1 cause of holiday fatalities and killer of our personnel.

Here are some tips for safe driving.

• Plan your route so you don’t have to look at your phone for directions and give yourself ample time to reach your destination.

• When driving, be alert, practice defensive driving techniques, use safety restraints, drive within posted speed limits and always anticipate the unexpected.

• Many accidents are caused by fatigue, excessive speed, and poor judgment — so slow down.

• If you are going to drink alcohol have a plan and stick to it. Never drink and drive. Let a sober driver have the keys or call a taxi.

• Lastly, if you fly somewhere in the world, recognize your fatigue and let someone else do the driving.

Here are some general tips for hosting visitors.

• Light your walkway, porch, and stairs to prevent falls and add nightlights in hallways.

• Keep hallways, stairs, and exits free of toys, furniture and other clutter.

•Keep a sober eye on overex-cited children. Your partner may be distracted by cooking and guests.

• If toddlers will be visiting, install safety gates at tops and bottoms of stairs. • Identify two fire exits from every room, whether door or window. Post a floor plan of your home where everyone in the family can see it and designate a meeting place outdoors.

• Assign an emergency exit buddy to each person with special needs, such as frail relatives or children.

• Test your smoke alarms before visitors arrive, especially near sleeping areas.

• Check your throw rugs and bathroom rugs for non-slip backings.

• If you are throwing a party to celebrate the holidays be attentive to the alcohol consumption of the guests. If necessary, provide a designated driver or even overnight accommodations.

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