15th MDG appointment policies: updated show, no-show and late show policies

Capt. Scott D. Cook

15th Medical Group

Effective immediately, the 15th Medical Group (15 MDG) at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam has new appointment show time, no-show and late show policies.

Updated policies should provide consistent and simplified guidance to all 15th MDG clinics and beneficiaries. We recognize how busy each and every one of our beneficiaries are, and hope these new policies will provide uniformity and consistency. The new appointment policies are:

* Show time: The show time for all medical appointments at all clinics, with the exception of Dental, is now your scheduled appointment time. Patients no longer need to arrive 15 minutes prior to their medical appointment. Due to system constraints, the Dental Clinic will still require beneficiaries to arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time.

* No-show: Beneficiaries will be considered a no-show if they fail to appear for their appointment, leave without being seen, arrive 10 minutes after their scheduled appointment time, or fail to cancel their appointment two hours prior to the scheduled appointment time. If your appointment is before 9 a.m., you must cancel the appointment prior to the close of business (COB) the previous duty day.

* Late show: If you check into the clinic more than 10 minutes after your scheduled appointment time, you will be considered a no-show. At this time, the clinic will determine if they can still see you based upon staff availability and patient workload.

If they are unable to see you, the clerk can reschedule your appointment or you can reschedule at your convenience. Please remember that patients who arrive on time will not be displaced by those who show up late.

Beneficiaries can utilize TRICARE online to schedule, cancel, or receive appointment reminders via email and/or text message at www.tricareonline.com. If you are not enrolled in TOL, you can cancel your appointment by calling the 15 MDG Central Appointment line at 448-6000, option 1, between 7:15 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Monday through Friday, with the exception of PACAF family days and federal holidays.

Missed appointments not only cost the 15 MDG and taxpayers a significant amount of money, but they also prevent other beneficiaries from receiving the care they need. Cancelling your appointment two hours prior and checking in late (more than 10 minutes past your appointment time) are not only 15 MDG policies, but also AFI directives.

The MDG realizes emergencies arise and plans change, but be respectful to fellow beneficiaries as well as staff members and cancel your appointment as soon as possible.

The MDG is not immune to sequestration, the loss of contract personnel, and tightened budgets, which only enhances the fact that every appointment truly does count.

Please steer clear of being a late show or no-show to your next MDG appointment, and just like when you were learning to drive, remember 10 and 2; 10 minutes is late and you must cancel two hours before your appointment.

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